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August 19th - Drunk In Memphis (3 Doors Down After party)

  • Sherlocks 508 State Street Erie, PA, 16501 United States (map)

So let’s say you’re a Def Leppard fan…
When you go to one of their shows, you KNOW they’re going to play ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, but you HOPE they’ll play ‘Let It Go’

The guys in DRUNK IN MEMPHIS think that way too.

Since the day DRUNK IN MEMPHIS was formed, we've refused to follow the basic playbook of “typical bar band” cover songs.
It would be too easy to play nothing but the biggest radio hits along side of the most “tried and tested” bar band “classics” and call it a day.

Our problem with that approach is that on any given night, there’s a good chance that more than a few bands are playing those very same songs around town right now.
Why be like everyone else? Rules were made to be broken.

Some bands try to please everyone, but only end up pleasing certain people at certain points of their shows. DRUNK IN MEMPHIS are true music lovers ourselves and that’s who we strive to reach…TRUE MUSIC LOVERS and fans of the Hard Rock/Metal 80’s!!

Sure, DRUNK IN MEMPHIS does play some big hits, but we try to take the road less traveled and play the songs you rarely hear anywhere except on the radio or by the original artist at one of their concerts.
As a band, it creates a lot more work for us, but we truly feel that our friends who come to our shows are worth the extra effort.

With over a hundred songs in our playlist, (and us adding new music all the time)…you’ll NEVER see DRUNK IN MEMPHIS follow the same setlist twice. Guaranteed.

We’ve been called, “Your ULTIMATE 80's HARD ROCK mix tape come to life”
And you know what? . . . There’s a reason why.